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A Course on Presenting a Speech with Polish

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Course Objective


  • To equip the individual with the important foundation skills for Public Speaking and Presentation

  • To assist the individual in the use and application of  public speaking and presentation skills in everyday situations and during important formal occasions

  • To develop the individual’s self-confidence before any type of audience

  • To encourage the individual to speak effectively

  • To give each individual the opportunity to make individual and group presentations before an audience.


Course Content


Voice Work

  • Modulation, articulation and vocal projection

  • The importance of the use of Standard English pronunciation


Body work and movement

  • Facial expression, body language and gestures


Speech Etiquette & Stage Platform Skills

  • Conducting yourself in front of an audience

  • Listening skills

  • Engaging yourself in conversations


Overcoming Stage Fright

  • Understanding and managing your fear


Sight Reading Skills

  • Delivery of poetry, prose and script

  • Correcting mistakes

  • Appreciation for literature, the written and spoken word


Writing Effective Speeches

  • Exploring different styles to suit different occasions

  • Examples of effective speakers


Thinking on your feet

  • The extemporaneous presentation


Visual Aids

  • Working effectively with different types of visual aids


Team Presentation

  • Group dynamics


Solo Presentation

  • Putting it all together

  • Aiming for perfection


All activities and exercises have been designed to engage and challenge the participants. 



Periwinkle Communications’ instructors are all experienced, dedicated and highly qualified with the necessary qualifications to teach public speaking. 

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